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Electrician Common Core Level 1 Self-Assessment

This self-assessment tool will help you evaluate your knowledge and gauge your preparedness for writing your level exam. This self-assessment is just a guide. It will help you develop a study plan to consider the areas where you rated yourself as medium or low.

Process to submit a Level Challenge Application

To apply to challenge a level of your apprenticeship:

  • Complete this self-assessment with a score of 65% or higher. Download and save the PDF version of your results - link provided on your results page.
  • Applicants must have 1800 work-based training hours for each level they wish to challenge. For example, if you wish to challenge level 2 you must have at least 3600 work-based training hours.
  • Your sponsor must submit work-based training hours using this form https://forms.skilledtradesbc.ca/wbtform. Passing a level exam does not grant the applicant any work-based training hours.
  • Complete the “STC Level Exam Application Form” – link provided on your results page.
  • Submit the “STC Level Exam Application Form” and the PDF version of your self-assessment results form to customerservice@skilledtradesbc.ca.

GAC GAC Description Exam Weightage Number of Questions in Exam
Self-Assessment Instructions
  • You will be presented with statements that describe skills in your trade. You are required to rate yourself as Low, Medium, or High regarding your understanding and experience in these skills.
  • Consider each statement carefully and rate yourself.
  • This self-assessment may take approximately 1 hour to complete. You can save your progress and return to it later.
  • You can review your answers and return to them at any point during the self-assessment.
  • Once all the statements are rated, review and submit.
  • You will receive your result upon submission of the self-assessment.
  • This result should be downloaded as a PDF.

Rating Tool Guide

Consider your ability to understand the concepts and implement them in different situations while rating yourself.

Rating Description
Low I have limited understanding or experience in this activity and rely upon guidance while performing this activity.
Medium I understand this activity and have some experience doing it with minimal guidance in some situations.
High I have a very good understanding of this activity and am fully competent in doing it independently in many situations.

You've Reached the end of the Self-Assessment

Please review that all sections are completed before submitting. Click on a GAC below to return to that section.

General Area of Competency (GAC) Description Status