Consent To Release And/Or Update Personal Information


Personal information is collected under s. 26 and s. 27 of B.C.'s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA), for the purposes of administering B.C.'s trades training and apprenticeship system, and where applicable the Interprovincial Red Seal program. Under FOIPPA, SkilledTradesBC requires an apprentice's consent to release any information pertaining to their records with anyone other than the apprentice. If you have any questions, please email at or call 778-328-8700 or 1-866-660-6011.

Complete this form to authorize another individual to have access to your records and/or be able to conduct apprentice-related business with SkilledTradesBC on your behalf.

Please note that the authenticity of this request will be verified before any information or services are provided to individual(s) listed below.

A. Individual Information
B. Consent to Disclose My Personal Information

I authorize SkilledTradesBC to disclose personal information contained in my apprenticeship or exam challenge records to the representative named below. This authorization includes disclosure INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF CANADA and DOES NOT INLCUDE medical, health, or special needs information which requires my separate written authorization for disclosure.

Representative to whom SkilledTradesBC may disclose my personal information:

C. Permission to Update Personal Information

I understand that by signing this form, I authorize SkilledTradesBC to process updates to my personal information received from the representative identified below:

The representative named below is allowed to schedule exams and update any personal information pertaining to my personal record: